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Creative Tips

The case worker may be able to obtain information from case records, former workers, previous foster families, or extended families, Use drawings, art, or collage to illustrate when no photos are available.

negative information

It is possible to present negative information in a factual, but not negative light. Some examples:

Negative: My dad was an alcoholic who never held a job.

Fact: My dad abused alcohol, and had trouble keeping a job because of it.

Negative: My mom didn't want me. She left me at the hospital after I was born.

Fact: My mom couldn't care for me, so she left me in a safe place until a new family could be found.

handwriting & special pages

If handwriting isn't legible, you can type text and cut it out to glue on pages. However, if possible, handwriting (even if messy) is much more personal!

Special Pages

My Birth Certificate: Shrink large birth certificate when copying to about 50-75% of original size.

Important Firsts: If developmental information is unavailable, use a chart showing normal development to estimate a child's age at each milestone.

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